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Month: August, 2012

Craft Spells. Party Talk.

From the California-based bands LP Idle Labor, released on Captured Tracks, 2011. “If you love Felt, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, and the beautiful monotone drone of Ian Curtis, Craft Spells might soon be your favorite nuevo-new romantics.” –

My #1 homie Sam Silversides shared this gem with me today… feel-good jam!
p.s I’m falling for you.

Travelling Gin. London.

Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis are bartenders on bikes. Equipped with a basket full of limes, mixers, spices and a curated selection of local gins, their cocktails are as complex any old timey bar’s, without the overhead or environmental impact. The two Londoners conceived of their recession-style mobile business last year after a cycling trip Lewis made from London to Amsterdam. “Joe took an old butcher bicycle for the journey, and attached a spirit optic to the front of the frame. He served drinks when they stopped off for the evening…it all developed from there,” says Godden. They’ve been hitting up street markets, store openings, music festivals, and weddings. RAD.

Supreme. Fall/Winter. 2012.

Always good.

12128 BoatSpace. Portland.

12128boatspace is a floating art workshop gallery started by Kyle Thompson, Caitlin Ducey, Zoe Clark, and Lewis Feuer, who are also all amazing artists in their own right. Positioned in a marina near Sauvies Island, off of highway 30, the gallery lives inside The Labrador: a naval vessel 135 feet long and weighing nearly 200 tons. Built nearly 7 decades ago and retired since its days fishing in the waters of the Pacific Northwest, it has been converted to an active gallery. SICK.

Moonface. Marimba and Shit-drums.

Dreamland EP.

Tim Boelaars. Designer. Illustrator. Amsterdam

Cosentino’s Cookbook.

Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal is the stunning, inspiring cookbook by the awesome Chris Cosentino. I’m a big fan of Chef Chris Cosentino’s enthusiastic, no BS attitude toward cooking and food, and highly recommend his book to anyone who respects simple, beautiful food.

Spencer Murphy. Photographer. London.

The Surfers Against Sewage movement have launched a Protect our Waves campaign which aims to raise awareness of the increasing threat to some of the UK’s best-loved surf spots due to coastal developments, pollution, erosion and restricted access. To help get the message across they turned to photographer Spencer Murphy who created a really powerful invocation of the potential death of this much-loved sport. Not just aesthetically stunning, the images are also hugely immediate which is a huge boon to a cause that needs a little bit of explanation.

Food Forward TV. Travis Roberts

Meet 18-year old Travis Roberts, an up and coming chicken farmer who is trying to revitalize his inner-city neighborhood in Corktown, Detroit, MI.

Contigo Restaurant. Furniture. Austin.

This short film tells the story of how Contigo brought in Brian Chilton to hand make all the furniture at the restaurant.  Ben Edgerton is co-owner + general manager, Andrew Wiseheart is co-owner + executive chef at Contigo. Brian Chilton is both artisan and artist. From large-scale architectural structures to intricately designed furniture – usually made from metal and wood. Brian honed his crafts in furniture design, master woodworking, and artistic welding in Santa Fe before moving back to Texas to focus on his own projects.