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Month: September, 2012

How are you feeling? David Shrigley.

Billboard art at HIGH LINE NY.

David Shrigley’s new book HOW ARE YOU FEELING?, published in tandem with an exhibition at The Cornerhouse, in Manchester UK, will be launched on October 4th. The exhibition features drawings, paintings, sculpture and never-seen-before live performance… taking you on a skewed, cathartic journey through the clever, amusing world of David Shrigley. The exhibition offers an interactive experience as many of the works in the show invite your participation in order to complete them. ‘How Are You Feeling?’ is a familiar phrase often used in self-help, psychiatry and the diagnosis of psychosis. For this exhibition, Shrigley offers you art-therapy to help you cope with “an increasingly crazy and poorly signposted world”. On from Sat 6 Oct 2012 – Sun 6 Jan 2013. Curated by Mike Chavez-Dawson.
Mega fan of Shrigley for some time (remember this throwback? I appreciate and embrace this new honest and satirical project…

Bob Dylan & Leandro Senna Collaboration.

Subterranean Homesick Blues. A Hand Lettering Experience by NY-based art director/designer Leandro Senna. To recreate Bob Dylan’s 1965 flip-card music video, “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” Leandro Senna designed 66 typographic cards using only pencils, pens and brushes. It took him about a month to draw everything, and the challenge was to illustrate by hand without the use of a computer. If he made a mistake printing a letter, Senna would have to redo the whole page… “Since I was a child I loved to draw. And when I grew up, just decided to keep on playing. My work turned out to be something pleasant on my everyday life.” WORD.

Boris Pelcer. Artist. Bosnian American.

pencil drawings.
Something Somewhere.

Spiritual Mutations.

photography by Tom Ziebinski… SEE IT HERE:

Chilly Gonzales. White Keys.

fall tunage.

Dima Rebus. Painter. Genius. Moscow.

Water Colours… my fave.

Kelly Reemtsen. Artist. California.

Paper, pastel / painting / Woodcut in 10 colors

You Could Ruin My Day. Four Tet.

what would I do without Four Tet? I really don’t know…

IN THE END it’s all the same IN THE END.

Caution. Bob Marley & The Wailers.

Stop the train. 1970. Also on Trenchtown Rock (The Anthology 1969-78) a great record.


mega low-fi version.