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Month: November, 2012

Sara Söderholm. Illustrator. Designer. Stockholm.

Percival. Menswear. London.

Percival is my fave menswear label these days. Their fall/winter 2012-2013 collection is insanity. This video on their ‘Origami print’ goods shows how hand-crafted their gear is – from sourcing the materials to printing the pattern – everything is done locally in the UK. Proper in every sense of the word.

Raid71 aka Chris Thornley. Graphic Designer. Artist. UK.

Penguin Classic Covers + The Smiths Lyrics = Awesome
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Simon Beck. Artist. France.

Along the frozen lakes of Savoie, France, Simon Beck creates beautiful artworks in the snow, in his snowshoes. Working for 5-9 hours a day, each final piece is typically the size of three soccer fields! The geometric forms range in mathematical patterns and shapes that create stunning, sometimes 3D, designs when viewed from above. How long these magnificent geometric forms survive is completely dependent on the weather. Beck designs and redesigns the patterns as new snow falls, sometimes unable to finish a piece due to significant overnight accumulations. Simon started making this art because he stopped being able to run with feet problems, but needed to stay active outdoors. This snow-shoe-art-making is his form of exercise! Turning a negative into positive. brilliant. crazy. Awesome.

WU BLOCK. 2012.

1. Crack Spot Stories (Ghostface, Sheek Louch, Raekwon & Jadakiss)
2. Pour Tha Martini (Ghostface, Sheek Louch & Cappadonna)
3. Pull Tha Cars Out (Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah & Method Man)
4. Guns For Life (Ghostfac, Sheek Louch & Styles P)
5. Comin For Ya Head (Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah, Styles P & Raekwon)
6. Cocaine Central (Ghostface, Sheek Louch & Styles P)
7. Take Notice (Ghostface, Sheek Louch)
8. Drivin Round (Sheek Louch, Masta Killa, Gza & Erykah Badu)
9. Different Times Zones (Ghostface, Sheek Louch & Inspectah Deck)
10. Stick up Kids (Ghostface, Sheek Louch & Jadakiss)
11. All in Together (Ghostface, Sheek Louch, Styles P & Jadakiss)
12. Do It Like Us (Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon)
13. Stella (Ghostface, Sheek Louch & Method Man)
14. Been Robbed (Sheek Louch & Ghostface)

The Cambodian Cycling Champion.

A video from the good people at Humanity.TV
Having met numerous tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia, I got a real kick out of THIS guy who ‘moonlights’ as a cyclist. Bike love is universal.

Kathryn Macnaughton. Artist. Toronto.


Gerry Leary. The Unseen Bean. Colorado.

The Unseen Bean: Roasting Coffee In The Dark. By Dark Rye (Whole Foods video channel-smart marketing!).

Feeling. Fall. Feeling.

listening to…

Lou Ros. Artist. Paris.

mixed media on canvas.