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Month: July, 2012

Lil’ Pop Shop. Philly.

Chef/Owners: Jeanne Chang, chef & owner, and Vince Tseng, owner.
Where are you from: Jeanne comes to Philadelphia via California and Durham. Vince currently lives in London and is also from California.
Specialties: Popsicles featuring the best local produce and dairy from the Philadelphia area in unique flavor combinations like Cantaloupe Rose + Chocolate with Salted Caramel Brownie. In the works: White Nectarine and Ginger, Mango with Lemon Verbena and Curry. Lil’ Pop Shop is bringing popsicles back from the dark side. No artificial dyes or syrups are used. Our pops are made with seasonal local produce and hormone free local dairy.

Urban Beekeepers. NY.

Food.curated meets Jon Feldman (Frankies Spuntinos), Brandon Hoye and Eddie Diaz (Roberta’s): a group of friends, chefs, and urban beekeepers in Brooklyn. Radness.

Jeff Sherman’s Home. Brooklyn.

Architect Jeff Sherman guides us through his airy Brooklyn rowhouse—a onetime dilapidated dog kennel—which he painstakingly renovated over ten years. Directed and Shot by Dustin Aksland Edited by Andrew Birchett.

Michael Graves. Designer. Architect. US.

Dwell feature on renowned architect and designer Michael Graves. His absolutely stunning house is a true work of art… Graves’ resilience is an inspiration.

Brixton 2012.

Next Restaurant. Thai Menu. Chicago.

Being a massive fan of Thai food + Chef Grant Achatz, I was stoked on the theme ‘Bangkok 2060’ for one of Next’s seasonal menus. They managed to replicate ‘authentic’ thai cuisine quite well while using molecular gastro techniques. Created by Grant Achatz + Nick Kokonas, Next is an exploration of world cuisine. Changing the menu every few months, Next focuses on another part of the world or theme.
April-June 2011 – Paris: 1906
July-October 2011 – Thailand
October-January 2012: Childhood
February-May 2012: Tribute to elBulli
June-September 2012: Sicily
September-December 2012: Kyoto (gonna be mental.)

GMO Film Project Sizzler.

Directed by Jeremy Seifert. Produced by Joshua Kunau. Co-Producer, Elizabeth Kucinich. Associate Producer, Timothy Vatterott. Cinematographer, Rod Hassler. By Compeller Pictures.
The GMO Film Project tells the story of a father’s discovery of GMO’s through the symbolic act of poor Haitian farmers burning seeds in defiance of Monsanto’s gift of 475 tons of hybrid corn and vegetable seeds to Haiti shortly after the devastating earthquake. After a journey to Haiti to learn why hungry farmers would burn seeds, the real awakening of what has happened to our food, what we are feeding our families, and what is at stake for the global food supply unfolds in a trip across the US in search of answers.

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.

By Marija Jacimovic + Benoit Detalle.
Based on Michael Pollan’s talk “Food Rules” given at the RSA, this animation was created in the context of the RSA/Nominet Trust film competition. Using a mixture of stop-motion and compositing, our aim and challenge was to convey the topic in a visually interesting way using a variety of different food products. Amsterdam based editor/animator Marja created the film at home in about three weeks.

Pizza Pilgrims. London.

Brothers James and Thom Elliot are the young lads behind Pizza Pilgrims and the Napoli inspired street food on Berwick St Market in Soho, London. Their traditional Italian pizzas are made in a custom pizza oven in the back of a three-wheeler Piaggio Ape… radness.

Andy Ricker. Pok Pok NY. Bon Appétit.