KEEP. Ethical & Radical Company. LA.

by lev2

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Launched in the summer of 2006, Keep came into being through the solid combination of timing, auspicious zodiacal forecasts and the deep desire to make classic, clean shoes without the bulk and bother of other brands. Keep is a shoe company, an apparel company, a maker of objects, a curator of curiosities, an amalgam of interests, a way of being, a force, a language, a family and many other things. We aim to keep things personal. We pay attention to the details. We try to keep things simple and pure.

Often we are asked, why are you called Keep? For us, KEEP is an incantation, a reminder, an invocation, a call to battle. The power and meaning of this word encompasses some of our most treasured values and notions. We believe that what and who you choose to keep near you defines you, and what you keep persisting with is a reflection of your character. We believe that earning your keep entails taking responsibility for your own existence, and we celebrate the challenges that come with making and doing.”

One of our goals is to make your choice in shopping easier, and one of the ways we do this is by making all Keep products vegan and cruelty-free. This means no animals were harmed when making our goods. This also means that we produce all of our footwear in factories audited by international, third-party non-profits who monitor ethical working conditions. A Keep representative is on the line of every production.

We pull our inspiration from the beauty of the everyday: from our walks through the city and through nature, from the things we read and eat, see and feel. We use natural, organic, and sustainably-grown materials as much as possible. We treasure the longtime traditions of handicraft, especially in textiles, and source materials from artisans in Guatemala, Japan and North America.

We do Keep for all the people who work hard to make things happen, who spread positivity and energy around them, who take care of their loved ones and most importantly take care of themselves. Keep is proud to work closely with an international community of artists, athletes, actors, musicians, thinkers, photographers and humorists. We keep only the best company.

Well I’m sold.