Tikker Watch. A Way of Life.

by lev2

IMG_8699d050f921192f5de5d55a8692ae8d160d_largeTikker is a watch that counts down the minutes, days, years of your life. You could say all watches are do that, but this watch was designed to remind you of your mortality-in the best way possible! After learning about Tikker on CBC, I was immediately in love with the idea of this watch and ordered one on their Tikker Kickstarter page. Tikker states the estimated YEARS/MONTHS/DAYS (first row top), HOURS/MINUTES/SECONDS (second row) you have left to live. The watch determines your life expectancy through a short questionnaire included in the package, which uses the following criteria:
– Where you live / what country you’re from
– Your current age
– Male/Female (your sex)
– + other Q’s

Depending on where you live, your age, and your sex-can determine approximate life expectancy. Using this info, you must calculate the data to come up with the number of years left – which you enter into the watch – and the countdown begins! Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly when we will die, but the estimated number is a detail to me. The notion of a “use by” time stamp is more symbolic than anything. Serving as a practical reminder to be grateful for life, not to ‘waste’ time doing things that distract you from your true passion/goals, and most importantly – not to sweat the small stuff!

What makes me Tikk? When I look down at my watch, I’m reminded that life is temporary, and not to take my time for granted. As said by Fredrik Colding, the Swedish creator/designer of  Tikker, ‘We live in more stressful times, with constant connection to our office emails, and Tikker can be a reminder for us to stay grounded and remember what is important in our lives.’ Tikker IS grounding and can transport me out of a negative/anxious/stressed headspace and bring back to the present & my gratitude for all that I have and for life itself, so in this way I am grateful for such a brilliant design!