The Human Harp. By Di Mainstone & The Brooklyn Bridge.

by lev2

The Human Harp is the brilliant idea of sound artist Di Mainstone, which involves creating sculptural instruments that attach to the human body and use movement to produce sound. The inspiration was a “parasitic instrument” that magnetically attaches to the bridge via a user wearing a body holster. The holster has custom made modules with digital sensors that detect and measure the vibrations of the suspension cables, harvesting the sounds so people can remix them through movement. This way the user becomes a human harp and the bridge becomes a musical interface in what Mainstone calls “architecture converging with the body”. The length and the angle of the string relative to the module is measured using sensors and this data is used to control the mood, volume, pitch and intensity of sounds. These sounds will be recorded in real time from the vibrations of the bridge and its pedestrians. Awesome-ness.