Bread and the Baker. Documentary Film. TBA.

by lev2

The world of competitive baking is highlighted in the latest documentary by filmmaker Colin Blackshear. The project’s working title is Bread and the Baker and focuses on the quest of American boulanger Mike Zakowski to become the ulimate master baker. Zakowski is the owner of The Bejkr, an artisan bread shop in Sonoma Country. His award-winning career has included the honor of winning a silver medal in the 2012 Coupe du Monde De la Boulangerie (World Cup of Baking). In 2014, Zakowski will participate in the Masters de la Boulangerie bread competition in Paris. The experimental documentary will follow Zakowski’s path as he prepares to rise above the rest in this worldwide baking competition. This experimental documentary explores the craft of baking and its history. Bread is a staple that has accompanied the development of human society throughout the ages. As a part of the current U.S. Baking Team, local craftsman baker, Mike aka [the bejkr] journeys to the Coupe Du Monde De La Boulangerie to compete for the world title of bread making. The film is intended to be a modern presentation of the art of baking. Help the film get finished by donating here: