oOooO. AKA Chris Dexter. Music. SF.

by lev2

oOoOO - oOoOO-music-2011-www.lylybye.blogspot.comMumbai.
ooooo-newep-2.1.2012NoWayBack (Feat. Butterclock AKA Laura Clock).
No Summr4U.
Break Yr heart.

A self-titled CD-R (oOoOO) was released by Disaro Records in early 2010. Shortly after, a split 7” with the track Seaww was released with the band White Ring, and a self-titled 12” followed the same year. oOoOO’s 2nd EP, Our Loving Is Hurting Us, was released through Tri Angle Records in April, 2012. Enjoying from beginning till end.