Public Coffee. Mobile Coffee Shop. Denver.

by lev2


Public Coffee will be made from a two-horse trailer and the walls will open to reveal a coffee bar and brewing equipment that make up a hands-on coffee station. Public coffee are working with local coffee roasters and will be manually brewing their coffee using Chemex, V60, and Aeropress techniques. Visitors can use two-legged tables that connect to one another in order to enjoy their coffee together. The trailer will also be outfitted with a stage, PA system, and projector for the public to utilize.
In Europe, the original coffeehouses were created to serve people coffee and provide a place for them to enjoy their drinks. As the coffeehouse evolved, it became an open center for thinkers and researchers across many disciplines to share their discoveries with one another. Public Coffee is specifically designed to generate this same type of collaboration and community engagement. New technologies have given us the opportunity to work independently. As a result, more and more people are isolating themselves in public settings. Public Coffee challenges this trend by encouraging people to gather together and have good conversations. Their pay-What-You-Can model emphasizes that monetary payment is not required for customers to participate in projects and discussions. The Pay-It-Forward model is influenced by the Neopolitan tradition of the café sospeso; customers offer to pay for the drink of one or more customers following themselves. A daily fundraising goal will be determined at the beginning of each business day, and progress will be updated as the day goes by. Being financially transparent allows visitors to understand how their money will be used so they can determine a reasonable donation. This encourages customers to share ownership of Public Coffee as they see their donations support the project’s financial goals.

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