Brown Girl Surf.

by lev2

Illustration by Florencia Rojo-

Nassima  Atker is one of Bangladesh’s best surfers. Female or otherwise. She’s kept up surfing despite per personal struggle, and the fact that females surfing/swimming defies social Bangladeshi norms. Filmmaker Heather Kessinger documented Nassima in her film The Most Fearless Surfer, in collaboration with The Fear Project, a book/movement by writer Jaimal Yogis. Having to endure homelessness, begging for survival, and experience harassment from her community for surfing, Nassima, at just 14, beat all the dudes in an annual surf contest. “When I surf, I can finally just be happy and forget about all my problems on land,” Nassima said.

Nassima is one of the girl’s involved with, Brown Girl Surf an amazing organization founded and run by Farhana Huq. The non-profit works to elevate the historical significance of trailblazing female surfers, and to offer them resources which allow them to continue surfing. The first girls in the Gaza Strip were taught to surf amongst dropping bombs and flying bullets, later, a 22-year old journalism student became India’s first female surfer with the support of Brown Girl Surf.