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Month: September, 2012

Gerhard Richter Painter. Germany.

Oil on canvas.

Gerhard Richter Painting. A documentary by filmmaker Corinnza Belz. 2011.

German artist Gerhard Richter has spent over half a century experimenting with a tremendous range of techniques and ideas. Simultaneously produced abstract and photorealistic painted works, I personally enjoy his photo-real pieces most.
Infamously media-shy, Gerhard amazingly agreed to appear on camera for Corinnza Belz’ 2007 short called Gerhard Richter’s Window. Her follow-up, Gerhard Richter Painting (trailer seen above), documents Richter’s creative process, juxtaposed with intimate conversations and rare archive material.
As a mega fan of Gerhard Richter, I cannot wait to see this doc-to get an insight into the man’s brain and creative approach!

Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington. Darkside.

Directed by Ryan Staake (Pomp&Clout) Director of Photography: T.S. Pfeffer
Production: Pomp & Clout LLC & Pier Pictures

“A1″ is one of three tracks from Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside project with guitarist Dave Harrington. Jaar was born in New York but spent most of his childhood in Chile, only to return to his place of birth as a teenager. Haunted by Mulatu Astatke, Erik Satie, Ezekiel Honig and Villalobos’ “Thé au Harem d’Archimède”; Nico started to make electronic music in 2004 at the age of 14. At 17, he debuted with “The Student EP” on Wolf + Lamb Music. Now at 19, studying at Brown University in Rhode Island, Nico has many releases coming up, including some on Circus Company, Wolf + Lamb, and on his own label, Clown and Sunset, of which he is the owner and founder… mega talent/mega babe.

North of Brooklyn + Ossington Creative.

My homie Josh Spatz and his team have made a big impact on Toronto’s food scene since opening NOBRO (North of Brooklyn) this summer. Their vision was clear from the beginning and they would’t give up until it was realized… they do one thing and do it well… usually the sign of a successful food biz. I appreciate their respect of food quality and culture.
Shout out to my brother, architect/designer David, for designing the space and the company’s branding!

DIIV. Music. Brooklyn.



Follow Memory Tapes Remix.

Captured Tracks Records. Oshin. 2012.

The Orée Wireless Wooden Keyboard.

Orée (Wood + Tech + Design firm) just launched a new keyboard made entirely from a single piece of wood (maple or walnut). Every keyboard is made to order and is crafted, polished, oil-finished and assembled by hand in their workshop in southern France. “Orée was born from our observation that modern technology products look very much alike, are highly impersonal, made out of eco-unfriendly materials and are designed for rapid obsolescence. We set out to do something different: create lasting & personal high performance technology objects primarily made of wood, the most durable and renewable material on earth. Orée is about reconciling tradition & novelty to create exceptional products through an exclusive combination of timeless woodworking techniques and cutting-edge technologies.”

Until the Quiet Comes. Flying Lotus.

A film by Kahlil Joseph featuring Flying Lotus’ new album Until The Quiet Comes.
So much beauty. 2:05-3:18 kills my soul (in the best way possible.)

New album drops October 1st. BOOM.

Jimm Lasser. Artist. Genius. Portland.

Derek McDonald. Sign Painter. California.

A Brief History of artist John Baldessari.

Art of mockery of art. Awesome.