Beach Fossils. Music. Brooklyn.

by lev2



Face it.



The Horse.

Beach Fossils is a Brooklyn-based group, formed in early 2009 by Dustin Payseur. Their debut 7” was released by Captured Tracks in Winter 2009, followed by their first full-length LP in May 2010, and the What a Pleasure EP in 2011. Beach Fossils is busy recording their sophomore LP, which is due for release in 2012. Steady members of the band have actively formed their own groups, guitarist Cole Smith with DIVE and John Peña with Heavenly Beat. Aside from founder Payseur, each band member is currently working on his own side project, as of early 2012: guitarist Zachary Cole Smith now heads up a side project, DIIV; bassist John Peña’s solo project is Heavenly Beat; and drummer Tommy Gardner’s is Crush.

This music makes me happy 🙂