FFunction. Infographics. Montreal.

by lev2

Audree Lapierre + GOOD.
In (North) America, the average person uses nearly 2,000 gallons of water per day. Every time you flush the toilet, wash your hands, drive your car, or take a bite of your lunch, you’re using water. The biggest surprise may be that 95 percent of your water footprint isn’t from a long shower or running your washing machine—it’s from the food, energy and products you use every day. Be mindful of your water use.

Bos, a Montreal ad agency hired FFunction to illustrate refundable cans facts for the website of their client, ConsignEco.

Nutrition Facts. Dataviz-enhanced packaging.
Audree Lapierre designed these amazing infographics. Lapierre is the art director behind FFunction, a Montréal-based company specializing in user interfaces and data visualization, founded by Sébastien Pierre.