Martha Payne. Blogger. Activist. 9 yrs old. UK.

by lev2

Internet sensation Martha Payne has managed to raise £100,000 through her blog Never Seconds, documenting her school dinners. The blog made headlines after her council banned her from taking photos of her food as media coverage allegedly left catering staff fearing for their jobs. The controversial ban led to a flood of complaints, Martha dropped it on Twitter and the Council backed off after only 24 hrs. The ban got enough worldwide attention to see thousands of donations flooding in to Martha’s JustGiving site, which she set up to raise money for Mary’s Meals, a charity which runs school feeding projects in communities worldwide. The money she’s raised will supply about 9,400 children with a daily meal, including an entire school for a year at Lirangwe Primary School in Malawi. Martha also plans to fund a kitchen shelter for school meals in Malawi. For every £10.70 donated, the charity will supply another child with a daily meal for a school year.
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