Satay Brothers. Montreal.

by lev2

My brother Dave destroying a pork pun right.

Bro’s Alex & Mat Winnicki are the rad dudes behind the nearly 1-year old pop-up outdoor restaurant Satay Brothers. St. Henri boys with Singaporean/Polish roots, Alex & Mat have brought South East Asian street food to Montreal. Their menu is simple and classically S.E Asian: Papaya salad (aka Som Tam / Tam Mak Hoong / Bok Lahong), steamed pork buns, marinated BBQ meat skewers, spicy Laksa, Indo-style Gado Gado salad, and rice-based desserts (one with my fave pandan) that their mom Kim prepares. The vibe is awesome: picnic benches, good and fast service, and a nice mix of regular market goers and proper S.B fans. The place is poppin day and night, and the word keeps spreading so check em out. They’re up from¬†May-October under the white tent on the north side of Atwater market, open from 10:30am-6pm.