Singapore Takeout.

by lev2

If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you know how next-level their street food is. Singapore Takeout, a pop-up restaurant in the form of a customized shipping container, traveled the world to share in the wealth of their cuisine. The concept united Singapore’s top chefs with culinary stars from each city it visited:
London (Jun 2011) Chef Janice Wong
Paris (Jul 2011) Chef André Chiang
Moscow (Jul 2011) Chef Ryan Clift + Chef Daniel Sia
New York (Sep 2011) Chef Malcolm Lee
Hong Kong (Nov 2011) Chef Armin Leitgeb
Shanghai (Dec 2011) Chef Willin Low
Delhi (Jan 2012) Chef Benjamin Seck
Dubai (Feb 2012) Chef Haikal Johari
Sydney (Mar 2012) Team from Iggy’s
Each city hosted a 3-day feast, celebrating the flavours of Singapore.
Awesome concept.