Le Fooding. Resto Guide. Events. France.

by lev2

Le Fooding is an encyclopedia of the restaurants and bistros in Paris and the provinces. The food guide started almost 11-years ago by two french critics, Alexandre Cammas and Emmanuel Rubin, and formed as an alternative to the Michelin selection. Coming in digital and print versions it encompasses all of France with a particular focus on the ever evolving food scenes of Paris. The guide has gained a reputation of being amongst the first places to read about emerging food trends and innovation in France. Cammas and Rubin were exasperated by the conformity and conservatism of French food culture, which drove them to create their own food movement. Having organized massively successful, high profile food events in New York and Paris, they’ve expanding the definition of ‘fooding’ beyond the guide. “I intended the word (fooding) as a mélange of ‘food’ and ‘feeling’— and I like the provocation of using an English word within the context of French cuisine,” said Alexandre Cammas. I dig.