Miss Lily’s. Restaurant. Juice Bar. Hot spot. NYC.

by lev2

Miss Lily’s is a new Caribbean restaurant and bar from Paul Salmon, Binn and Genc Jakupi, and Serge Becker. Salmon is also the proprietor of The Rockhouse, a boutique hotel in Negril that is very popular with vacationing New Yorkers. Miss Lily’s features two dining rooms, a bangin’ soundtrack, beautiful staff, and some serious Jamaican food from chef Bradford Thompson. Miss Lily’s houses Melvin’s Juice Box, which offers incredible, healthy and delicious fresh juices, and Bake Shop, that has all the classics including roti, jerk, curries, and all kinds of food for meat eaters and vegans alike. Brunch or Dinner menus include appetizers like: jerk grilled corn with toasted coconut, ackee dip and plantain chips, cod fish fritters with curry dipping sauce, and entrees like the vegan bushman plate (jerk seitan, quinoa, stir fry vegetables, callaloo), a range of fresh seafood dishes.
Check their rad site: http://misslilysnyc.com/